The "Cheeses Truscia"

The "Truscia di Formaggi", a composition made up of tasty cheeses typical of the Sicilian tradition, combined with delicious genuine and tasty jams. A triumph of flavor and fragrance!

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The "Truscia di Formaggi"

The "Truscia di Formaggi" is a composition made up of very tasty cheeses, combined with delicious jams. A triumph of flavor and fragrance!

The "Truscia di Formaggi" is obtained thanks to the rigorously artisan processing of genuine, scrupulously selected Sicilian products to obtain the highest quality products.

This composition, SHIPPING COST INCLUDED, is much more convenient than buying individual products.

Here you will find:

- 1 Fior di Peperoncino 300 g, a soft, fresh cheese prepared with raw milk. A caciotta with a thin crust covered with chilli pepper. Excellent sweet and spicy at the same time.

- 1 Caciotta Fresca 500 g, a compact spun paste fresh cheese prepared with raw milk. A cheese molded by hand and with a completely artisan procedure.

- 1 Panuzzu Affumicatu 500 g, a fresh cheese in the shape of a loaf, with a compact and soft dough prepared with raw milk. It has a full and complete taste, thanks to the soft aroma of smoking.

- 1 Canestrato with Pistachio 500 g, a fresh cheese also called "first salt", flavored with tasty fresh whole Sicilian pistachios. Prepared with raw milk, it has a delicate crust, refined with extra-virgin olive oil and grains of delicious pistachio.

- 1 Tomello 300 g, a fresh soft cheese made with raw milk. A caciotta with a sweet taste, slightly aromatic and unique.  

- 1 Salted Ricotta 350 g, a mold with compact dough, without rind, with a pleasantly salty and persistent taste. A unique and tasty taste that will give character to your dishes!

- 1 Fior di pepe 300 g, a round soft paste cheese made with raw milk. A cheese with a thin crust, covered with delicious ground black pepper. The combination of the delicate flavor of the cheese with the unmistakable taste and aroma of black pepper is incredible.

- 1 chili pepper jam 30 g, a unique and incomparable jam, born from the incredible combination of the hotness of the chili pepper, the sweetness of the sugar and the hint of cinnamon. The presence of a small quantity of lemon juice gives the jam pleasant sweet and sour notes. The real must for those who love Sicilian cuisine with strong flavors!

- 1 marmalade of Oranges 280 g, a fragrant natural and genuine jam that brings on your table all the flavor and the enveloping fragrance of the best Sicilian oranges, juicy, rich in vitamin C, perfect to squeeze ... and keep!

The "Truscia di Formaggi", an artisan excellence of the typical Sicilian tradition to be savored!

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