The "Sweet Truscia"

The "Truscia Duci", a sweet composition to spread and to munch on, made with excellent pistachios, the best almonds and hazelnuts. Artisan excellence of the typical Sicilian tradition to be savored!

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The "Truscia Duci" is an explosion of authentic sweetness and goodness.

The "Truscia Duci" includes the extremely tasty extremely appetizing and overwhelming spreadable creams, and delicious sweets typical of the Sicilian tradition.

The "Truscia Duci" is obtained thanks to the rigorously handcrafted processing of genuine, scrupulously selected Sicilian products to obtain the highest quality products.

This composition, SHIPPING COST INCLUDED, is much more convenient than buying individual products.

Here you will find:

- 2 Sicilian Pistachio Cream 190 g, obtained from the best fresh pistachios from Bronte. A fragrant, dense and delicious cream with a unique and engaging flavor;

- 2 Sicilian Hazelnut Cream 190 g, obtained from the best brontese hazelnuts of the highest quality. A cream with an intense and overwhelming taste.

- 2 Sicilian Almond Cream 190 g, precious and elegant, with its refined goodness and unique and genuine taste of the best Sicilian Almonds. A wrapping cream with delicate notes.

- Sicilian Pistachio Sweets 250 g, refined, soft, irresistible, with a unique and engaging taste. Tasty and fragrant cakes, a goodness where the protagonist is the unmistakable taste of the best Pistachio from Sicily.

- Assorted Almond Sweets 250 g, or "Paste di Mandorla", a classic Sicilian confectionery sweet. Irresistible, soft and fragrant made with just a few first-choice ingredients. Pastries with an intense aroma and flavor of almonds, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, in a variety of delicious and tasty delights.

- Fillets of Sicilian Almonds filleted 250 g, dusted with delicious crushed Sicilian pistachio. A delicious nougat, thin and delicate, crumbly and crunchy at the same time.

The "Truscia Duci", an artisan excellence of the typical Sicilian tradition to be savored!

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