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Semi-matured Caciocavallo from 500 g

Semi-aged Caciocavallo is a typical Sicilian cow's milk caciotta, vacuum packed, 500 g, prepared with raw milk and with a completely artisan procedure!

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Semi-aged Caciocavallo

Semi-aged Caciocavallo is a typical Sicilian cheese made with cow's milk, salt and rennet. The paste is compact, soft, of a straw-colored color. The rind is smooth and bears the typical signs of aging with a slightly darker color than the pasta.

It has a full and persistent taste, very soft on the palate. The slices have the form of an ingot and weigh about 500 g approximately in a vacuum. Produced with raw milk from breeding owned by Italian brown cows located in Cammarata (Ag) in the Sicani Mountains, with a completely artisan procedure.

Shipments will be made from the premises of Tratti di Sicilia at the beginning of each week to avoid stocks in the courier's warehouses, the production lot and vacuum perfection will be checked to ensure maximum freshness.

COMBINATIONS: Semi-aged Caciocavallo has a pasty consistency and a slightly intense flavor, excellent if eaten alone or with bread, also cooked on the grill or accompanied by an excellent glass of wine.

INGREDIENTS: Cow's milk, salt, rennet.

NUTRITIONAL VALUES (Average production values ​​per 100g of product): Energy value 382.4 Kcal (1598.5 Kj), proteins 28.94 g, fat 28.34 g, of which saturated fatty acids 18.7 g, carbohydrates 2.9 g, of which Sugars 2.9 g, salt 3.13 g.

STORAGE TIMES AND METHODS: Store in the fridge. Once opened, wrap it in food paper or baking paper. Consume preferably within 90 days of packaging.

! If the requested quantities are not available for purchase, contact us at 0922 175 6866