Extra Sicilian Mandarins jam 210 g

Extra Sicilian Mandarins jam, with an enveloping citrus and intense scent, for true connoisseurs of jams!

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Extra Sicilian Mandarins jam

The extra Sicilian Mandarins Marmalade is an ideal preserve for those who love the citrus flavor of jams. Very fragrant, natural and genuine, it will bring to your table all the flavor and fragrance of the small and juicy Sicilian mandarins, rich in vitamins and valuable health properties. Delicious and tasty, a real goodness for the palate!

"Don Vito" jams are produced in full respect of tradition, and typical Sicilian craftsmanship, simple ingredients, without the addition of colorings and / or preservatives.

COMBINATIONS: Excellent at breakfast or as a snack, spread on toasted bread, on toast, ideal for filling cakes, croissants or tarts.

INGREDIENTS: Ingredients: Sicilian Mandarins 60%, granulated sugar 40%, lemon juice; Fruit used 60 g per 100 g of product; Sugar used 40 g per 100 g of product. Produced without the addition of: pectin, citric acid, ascorbic acid, flavorings, colorings, preservatives, gluten

NUTRITIONAL VALUES: referring to 100 gr. of product. Energy value 1317.54 kj / 314.9 kcal. Fats 0 g of which saturated 0 g; carbohydrates 36.2 g of which sugars 36 g; fibers 1 g; proteins 0.5 g; salt 150 mg.

STORAGE TIMES AND METHODS: Store in a cool, dry place. Expiration 36 months from the date of production. Once the jar is open, keep in the fridge and use within 7 days.

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