Wildflower Honey 500 g

Wildflower Honey, with a sweet and delicate flavor, natural energizing, useful for purifying the body, a super health ally! An all Sicilian product, natural and handmade!

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Wildflower Honey

The natural environment and the rich flora of a splendid and luxuriant land are the ingredients that make the "Don Vito" Millefiori Honey a high quality product. Genuine and absolutely natural, it is produced according to the most ancient traditions of the good beekeeper, without the use of artificers or pesticides and without the addition of additives, thus preserving its naturalness and the most authentic and precious beneficial and nutritive properties. Wildflower Honey is a food rich in antibacterial, antibiotic and febrifuge fructose, it is a natural sweetener with therapeutic properties and countless beneficial properties!

Furthermore, the "Don Vito" honey is not subjected to pasteurization processes and to any heat preservation treatment, and any crystallization is therefore an indication of the product's genuineness. With a refined and elegant taste, sweet and healthy, 100% made in Sicily!

COMBINATIONS: The Millefiori Honey is perfect for sweetening infusions, tea or milk, ideal spread on rusks, but also in natural yogurt. It can also be used on ice cream, in fruit salads and to prepare cookies and cakes. Excellent also in combination with aged cheeses. Try it also with vegetable, meat and fish dishes.


NUTRITIONAL VALUES (referring to 100g of product): Val. energy 300 kcal; Proteins 0.6 kcal; Carbohydrates 55 kcal of which sugars 17 g .; 2.5 g fiber; Sodium 0.20 g .; Fats 12.5 kcal of which saturated 6 g.

STORAGE TIMES AND METHODS: Store in a cool, dry place. Expiration 24 months from the date of production.

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