Pistachio Pesto and Cherry Tomatoes 190 g

Pistachio and Cherry Pesto, a harmonious combination. A pleasant surprise for the palate, for a pesto with a unique flavor!

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Pistachio and Cherry Pesto

The intense flavor of Sicilian Pistachios blends with the sweet taste of Pachino dried tomatoes. A harmonious combination of selected ingredients of the Mediterranean tradition for a rich, creamy, fragrant pesto, with a unique and enveloping flavor.

COMBINATIONS: Pistachio and Cherry Pesto is great on bruschetta or to flavor first and second courses. You just have to try it and you will be pleasantly surprised at the first taste.

INGREDIENTS: Pomodorino (35%), Pistachio (25%), sunflower oil, dietary fiber


STORAGE TIMES AND METHODS: Store in a cool, dry place. Expiration 18 months from the date of production. Once the jar is open, keep in the fridge and use within 10 days.

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